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Message to authors, writers and editors

I'm Val Amant.  The first part of my goal is to connect writers with editiors and editors with writers.  That's it.  Simple enough.  Currently, these are our options:

  1. Submit your manuscript and let the editors contact you if they are interested orA Girl Called LUV by Val Amant
  2. Submit your manuscript and select specific editor (s). 

That was hard.

I require two steps in submitting your manuscript:

  1. Get your pass code then
  2. Complete the manuscript submission form.

This reduces any hacking attempts which today occurs on a daily basis from all over the world.

The second part of my goal is to get your book out there.  You see examples of that on this page.  It gives you exposure.  More about displaying your portfolio below.



Once you register, you receive your own editor's page.  This allows you to do two things:

  1. Market you and your services on your own webpage and
  2. Manage gigs and payments.

Never Found by Val Amant You can upload your text and image content to your web page.  You can make offers to writers.  You can invoice your clients using your own Paypal account or elect to place a buy now button on your web page.  You can communitcate with your clients Later,  if this platform proves itself, I'll arrange for your own business email but one step at a time.

To help with domain and hosting costs, you will be charged $1 USD/month ($12 USD paid annually)  I know that that is a lot but you won't get a better deal on the entire Web.

You can offer your services as well as sign up as an author and purvey your reads.




You have an option available as well.  You can create your own web page at the author's platform.  It will cost you a whopping $12 USD/year (that's twelve dollars paid annually) to help with the domain and hosting costs.  As things crank up, you'll have more options but for now, we're all just starting to get our feet wet.  Regardless, you know where I am if you have any grumpies or goodies in your mind.

What is the advantage of having your own space on the Web?

Come Dance with Me! by Val AmantEven if you have a WP or other blog or your own website you can still maintain a presence here and link back to it.  This is important in the kingdom of Google (get on your knees and bow down).  That being said you can take advantage of this platform's prominent standing and marketing efforts.  Lucky you!  :O)

You can post and sell your reads on your own web page as well as link to your other digital assets.  If your read is selected it will be showcased on the website.  If the platform starts to generate activity then your opportunities will substantially increase.  Really, it's all up to you, either you're in or you're not.

If you sign up as a registered author on this platform, your book will be featured on this platform as you can see on this page alone, four spots, as an example.  Exposure.  What can you lose?


As we learn what we need as a community, we'll sponsor contests, bring deals from outside vendors special for our members and much more.

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Val Amant

Meet the Editors

Al Toman editor on Val Amant
Al Toman
Val Amant editor on Val Amant
Val Amant
Volodya Sokolov editor on Val Amant
Volodya Sokolov
Volodya Sokolov editor on Val Amant
Volodya Sokolov

Send Us Your Manuscript

You will be emailed a code and a link. Enter the code to access the Manuscript Submission Form.Complete the form then wait for a response from your selected editor(s).The terms are shown on the submission page.

A Better Place by Val Amant

Book of the Week

A Better Place by Val Amant

Bobby was abused by his stepfather, neglected by his mother and bullied in school because of his deplorable self.  Going to school with no friends can be devestating and take a boy down the wrong path.  He thought that he was caring for a girl who had been brutally raped when it only landed him in jail for two years where he himself was repeatedly raped.

Bobby had to make a decision, blow his brains out or do something.

He did someting, A Better Place.